At Raxit we are dedicated to innovate, manufacture and distribute products that makes it easier for our customers to manage the threat of rodents and pests – without the use of harmful chemicals.

Raxit is a family-owned business that is located in Nivå just north of Copenhagen, Denmark. We have been operating Raxit Seals since 2017. However, through decades of experience in facility management of hygiene sensitive industries such as: Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Fast Food Chains & Restaurants, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, etc. we truly understand the importance of keeping high levels of hygiene standards and food safety. It is the extensive experience from working within these industries that inspired the development of the Raxit Door Seals and Proofing Profiles.

Our products have helped clients achieve significant reductions in terms of rodent and pest intrusions (up to 800% year-over-year). We - together with our clients - are confident that we have achieved the best-in-class solutions for rodent and pest exclusion.

Our products are subject to national and international patent applications, which we expect to be approved shortly.

Towards a global presence

We know that an increasing number of customers prioritize a green approach for pest control, with minimal use of toxic chemicals. Our Door Seals and Proofing Profiles are environment friendly and is a natural fit for the Integrated Pest Management approach.

We also know that food safety and hygiene sensitivity is a focus on global scale, which is why we work towards having a global presence to help companies and pest managers achieve the best measures towards rodent and pest exclusion.


We are well on the way to achieve our vision of having a global presence. If you are interested in distributing our products we would be happy to hear from you - Get in touch.

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