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Raxit Door Seal + Shielding Strip

The Raxit Door Seal is a proofing seal for doors and gates. The seal enables you to securely proof the threshold and astragal gap against rodents and other pests.

The patented seal is developed in the flexible and durable material Santoprene™. The 3,2 mm thick Santoprene™ is reinforced with embedded acid-resistant steel wires, which makes it impossible for rodents and other pests to gnaw through it.

We RECOMMEND mounting the Raxit Door Seal with the Raxit Shielding Strip (acid resistant stainless steel), for increased robustness and durability.


The Raxit Door Seal and Raxit Shielding strip may be purchased packaged as a set and seperately.


Apart from being Flame Retardant Rodent Proof and Durable - why choose Raxit Door Seal + Shielding Strip?

Low Cost Solution

Raxit Door Seal + Shielding strip is price competitive with e.g. traditional brush strips.

Easy to Clean

Raxit Seals are easy to clean and tolerates most chemical substances.


The Stainless Steel Strip makes it the ideal choice for settings with high traffic and risk risk of collisions.

Climate Barrier

A strong weather seal that ensure energy savings over time, while also working as a barrier preventing water influx.


Eliminate the risk of rodents in your premises - without the use of harmful chemicals.


The Santoprene material is extremely flexible and has no memory after being bent.

Product Mounting Guides

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Double Door Interior

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