The Raxit Door Seal, Raxit Stationary Seal and Raxit Ready to Use versions have all been improved with an insect barrier, in the shape of an extra flexible lip, added in the bottom of the Santoprene material.

The flexible insect barrier makes it a lot easier for the installer to ensure that the seal is fitting closely to the surface, even in cases where there may be uneven surface. By fitting closely to the surface the Raxit Seals ability to keep even smaller insects out of your premises is enhanced significantly!

In addition to being an enhancement in regards to blocking out insects, the insect barrier/lip resolves another flag that has been raised by our customers; light passing through under e.g. doors.

The Raxit Seals are rodent proof when the seal is lifted maximum up to 3 mm above terrain, but most users in hygiene sensitive industries prefer not being able to see any lights passing underneath the door blade. The insect barrier/lip reduced the light passing underneath doors significantly and in most cases completely.

We hope that you will welcome and like our new improved products as much as we do!

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