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Designed and Produced in Denmark

Our products are small in size, but they hold a very large importance to our customers across multiple industries. We know how crucial it is for you to keep you premises free of pests and rodents. Therefore, we pay our utmost attention towards ensuring the products we produce arrive at your doorstep in the highest possible quality.

This means that we have searched far and wide (in Denmark) for the strongest partner in the plastic, elastomer extrusion industry. We are proud to have established a partnership with one of the biggest players in Denmark and northern Europe, in this industry – GIBO Plast. GIBO’s extensive knowledge and know-how have been a perfect fit for expediting the product development process from; prototyping to an international best-in-class product. The automated extrusion of the Raxit Seals is conducted at GIBO’s facilities, whereas all automated cutting, automated corrugation and packaging is done at our own facilities just outside north of Copenhagen.

Our close presence throughout the entire value chain enables us to fully control, and partake, in our production’s output. This allows us to do additional quality control tests, which ultimately ensures high quality and happy customers!

In terms of product development, our own extensive experience in facility management and construction work in hygiene sensitive industries is the major inspiration for our ongoing product development. We constantly seek better solutions and tools for our customers to ensure a pest free environment!

Our product prototyping and final product design is conducted at our local office and production facilities in close collaboration with GIBO.

In terms of testing new products, we normally tend to conduct these on the Danish Technological Institute, or with existing clients in the Danish market. However, in some instances we have partnered with Pest Control Industry leaders to test new products. This allows us to take invaluable feedback and insights prior to launching new products.